Space Pioneers Grid

Space Pioneers Grid

It's free to access the Space Pioneers Grid, but you will need an invitation to come to our virtual world and have a look around.

Send us an Email and we will issue you with an invitation to participate.

Include the first and last names you wish to use, which can be your real name, or a name chosen for the virtual world. When we reply, we will offer you a password.

Most grids ask visitors and users to make up a name for in-world use, but Space Pioneers Grid leaves that up to you, as we are focused on real world activity, where the virtual world is a global extension of real life action for space exploration and development.

While Space Pioneers Grid is small at present and very hands-on, as the grid grows we will introduce automated systems.

Enquiries to ~ Kim Peart ~

Virtual World Viewer

We recommend the Singularity viewer ~

To configure Singularity to access Space Pioneers Grid, first click on the Grid Manager button and then in the window that opens, click on Create and enter the following details:

Login URI:
Grid name: Space Pioneers Grid

Then click on Refresh Grid URLs to automatically submit other grid information. Click Apply and then OK to complete the viewer configuration process.

To login, ensure you have Space Pioneers Grid selected in the Grid drop-down menu just above the Grid Manager button, enter your avatar name and password, then click the Log In button.

When you first log into Space Pioneers Grid, you will be in the centre of the great pyramid. Head toward the entrance to find Grid information displays and the freebee stores.

Your starter avatar is a basic Ruth form. Other shapes and skins are available in the freebee stores. Contact us if you need help to get started.

18 Plus Grid

The virtual world is a form of media, like television or video games and attracts a media rating. To enter Space Pioneers Grid you need to be 18 years of age.

At an earlier time we had a youth grid for those 17 and younger. If there is interest in a youth grid, we can look at setting this up once again.

Terms of Service

Our Terms of Service (TOS) are a form of by-law for a virtual world. It is important to be familiar with our TOS (coming soon).

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