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Space Pioneers is an Australian based organisation founded on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast in 2011. We use the virtual worlds, including Second Life, to develop a global platform to work with space development, hold meetings, set up displays and build virtual world models that can be used via avatars. We look toward the creation of the first orbital space city generating an Earth gravity with rotation. We welcome collaboration with individuals and organisations to achieve a sustainable presence in space, drawing on the Sun for power. Orbital cities and habitats, which can be located across the Solar System, will be the stepping stone to the first stellar migration, where a human community can set out on a voyage lasting generations across the ocean of space, unless a faster way is found.

For the motivating philosophy for Space Pioneers, see the 2006 document on this website ~ Creating a Solar Civilization.

For our plan of action, see the 2018 document on our Forum ~ The Message ~

To receive news from Space Pioneers, ask to receive our newsletter ~ Star Challenger.

If you would like to participate with Space Pioneers in reaching for the stars, contact ~ SpacePioneers@iinet.net.au

In Space There Are No Limits

In space there are no limits to expansion, across the Solar System and among the stars. On Earth there are limits that need to be observed, but are being ignored. We believe that only by securing a sustainable industrial presence in space, will it be possible to deliver a sustainable human presence on Earth.

First Step

Each year we remember the first step onto the Moon by Neil Armstrong in July 1969, which we call First Step. This happens at the same time as the Moon landing, which like that original first step onto the Moon, is the same time around the World, though it falls at a different time in each time zone over the 20-21 July. In eastern Australia First Step is at 12:56pm on July 21st. First Step is followed by a Giant Leap Discussion, exploring where we go next with space development among the stars.

In Australia July 21st is National Lamington Day, so we add that to the event, with tea. Who can make the best Moon lamington?


Aubrey BerkeleyAs a young man my visual art studio was in the home of a wise old English gentleman, whose name was Aubrey Berkeley, who everyone called Bark. Folk would often call into Bark's kitchen seeking advice on any matter. He had once trained racehorses and run a riding school, when his home had been a farm before the suburb of Howrah surrounded his old farm house. I once asked Bark a simple enough question. "Bark" I said, "What is the most important thing in life?" Ever swift with a reply, I was stunned to hear silence, as he considered the young man's question. After a while he answered with a single word, "Confidence." That was a pretty good lesson for 1972, so I carved "Confidence" onto the back of a stone, for people to see as they left "Bark's Place." ~ Kim Peart


Email: SpacePioneers@iinet.net.au

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